SEGManager gives you tools to easily track, evaluate, and rate any employer group based on your needs and benchmarks.

A credit union's ability to use and leverage information is critical to driving additional and ongoing business. Smart use of information has truly become a differentiator among credit unions.

But knowing that accurate information is a vital strategic tool and being able to implement that tool are two different things. Credit union leaders may realize that they have a plethora of information, but some remain frustrated by their inability to harness the power of that information.

For many credit unions, the solution has taken the form of SEGManager's business intelligence approach. The program manages information wisely by linking, tapping into and analyzing the stored information that includes: company profiles, marketing events, statistical, demographic and relationship information and more.  Innovative credit unions nationwide have placed SEGManager's strategic use of information at the heart of their business development models. These credit unions realize that their Partner Company and prospect company information yields rich insights to help them enhance existing company relationships and add new companies and members. 

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